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STAY AWAY FROM DOING BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, BIG UNNECESSARY HEADACHE! Our company provided moving services to this company last year. The company's representatives Chrissie and John are frauds. They hired us to provide moving services to their customer. We successfully completed the job. Chrissie claims that she mailed our payment to the wrong address (even after we set up our account with them under the correct billing address to mail all payments to and had to explain this to them twice). They gave us the run around for a month. Chrissie then stated that they weren't going to pay us our due payment because of the fee it costs to void a check and resend. Immediately after our business manager contacted John, the "Manager", he picked up the phone and literally hung up immediately after we identified our company and asked to speak with him. He is extremely low class and horrible at communication. Chrissie shows the same lack of class.

This was the 2nd time we had an issue with delayed payment from this company when we had a contractual agreement of when the payment would be released after providing services.

This company is a scam. We repeat, do not do business with Pack and Load Service or their Sister Company Small Moves Inc.

Funny side note: A year later, Pack And Load Services/Small Moves Inc. actually contacted us to request services again and make things right, unbelievable. Unsurprisingly, we never returned their call.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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We have been doing business with Pack and Load, and never once did we not receive payment for our services. The job must have been uncompleted or there was over causes for the nonpayment not being mentioned, we have 2 locations NC/TN and no matter what state we complete a job they have always sent our payment in mail the next they to our main location.

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