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Pack & Load complaint


Two gentlemen subcontractors arrived without phoning first. They were requested at 2 and arrived at 1 pm.

The first thing they said was that they forgot their tools.

I asked about their experience and they assured me they had loaded PODS before (however, later on one was on the phone constantly to get information about how to complete the paperwork).

Their phones rang constantly for the entire 3 hours.

They did not prioritize loading by size or wrap furniture based on the most valuable or precious items.

At the time, in my moving-exhausted-state, I was impressed with their politeness and just wanted to get everything completed before closing on my home.

A week later, I went to the POD to add a few items, and could not get the door open (the last row was not strapped in).

Furniture was thrown in at odd angles.

Boxes were crushed.

Boxes marked as Fragile were on the bottom.

Boxes marked with specific directions were placed the wrong way.

Important things (wood headboard) were not wrapped and were loose and angled.

Ropes were completely loose.

Items had shifted to unsafe and dangerous angles.

4/28/2018 and 4/30/2018

I contacted Pack & Load on three occasions to speak to customer service. Each time, they promised to call me back to resolve my complaint, but they never did. They tried to blame me for the problems.


I contacted PODS to complain and they said they couldn’t do anything. But they can. They can stop recommending Pack and Load.


Through “Hire A Helper” I hired another company (at my expense) to reload my POD because I was sure my items would be destroyed if left as is. They contacted me prior to the day of moving. They unloaded and repacked my POD correctly, providing their own saran wrap and ropes. All furniture was rewrapped with blankets and wrapped in saran and/or tape and all fragile items were placed correctly. They were astonished at how poorly it was packed and are willing to describe the inexcusable, unprofessional, inexperienced, unacceptable condition of my belongings. This team, led by Shane, was extraordinary and I would highly recommend them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pack And Load Services Loading Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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And all you ever did about the first group was call ? and call ....

and call .... you have flunked Complaining 101 and Beginning Griping because you failed to perform the most important step of all : DOCUMENTATION.

It begins with a formal written complaint which can be verified by means of evidence and served via Certified Mail return receipt requested in order to establish an admissible timeline. Having Larry and Curly testify to what as done by Moe and Shemp is nothing but hearsay and inadmissible.

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