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I’m writing to inform you of my disappointing and unprofessional service that I received through a Pack and Load Service on...... Please see order..... for your reference. I contacted..... to inquire of service and gain a brief estimate of an 1800 sq. foot home with a large portion including kitchen and wardrobe packed by us. I then secured service on June 3rd with calls confirming details on June 23rd and June 28th and updated Ricky on our diminished packing needs. Sadly, our diligence in preparing our move was not reciprocated by the Nashville PLS team. Overall, our experience with PLS..was profoundly disappointing, unprofessional, incomplete, and sluggish.

Below is a brief chronicle of our experience and grievances with Pack and Load Services, Nashville, TN

1) The PLS Nashville called to confirm our move day before but asked no questions or further information concerning our move. I reiterated on the phone that we have packed many boxes including the kitchen.

2) Movers showed late with no information concerning our needs in our house.

3) Many times we caught movers “texting, typing, and sitting” instead of packing. The packing was so inefficient that we had to enlist friends and volunteers to pack in place of the packers and to repack boxes. We spent 7 hours alongside after PLS to properly finish our move.

4) During the early afternoon, we heard Micah (local representative) call our mover pressing and pushing the movers in our house to use “all the boxes, no matter what.” We overheard this conversation and again said that we do not need all the boxes nor are we paying for them. As a result, we had to monitor local packers, sacrificing priceless hours before our relocation from Nashville.

5) At this juncture, we saw packers half filling boxes and haplessly stuffing things in them. It appears the local team was now focused on the angst of management than the quality of our move.

6) Instead of enlisted help for the inefficiency of our move, Micah called multiple times to pull movers off our pack, creating tension and slowing our pack multiple times. To my dismay, Micah never called or followed up with any personal support from my end.

7) Our movers complained multiple times about the lack of compensation, unprofessional nature of the company, and problems with management.

8) At the end of the day, the packers left multiple pieces in the bedroom, crib pieces strewn throughout the floor, headboards, and materials in our garage. From our expectation, it was an incomplete service.

9) To our great dismay, at the end of the day, Micah attempted to overcharge with boxes and materials. He inquired about dishpacks multiple times at our home, in which we did not use nor need them.

Our grievances include:

1) Unprofessional and Incomplete Service as listed by above items

2) Misrepresentation of “Exceptional Customer Service” as Advertised on your website

3) Failure to Provide a “Dependable Pack and Load Experience”

4) False Claim of “Taking the Stress Out of Our Move”

5) Improper Credit Card Authorization for these services

6) Overcharged and unverified Invoice for Services

Product or Service Mentioned: Pack And Load Services Packing Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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