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I don’t know where to start. Their packing of the items we had them load was done so poorly and they were practically throwing our stuff in because they over book jobs so they are in this massive hurry.

Of course we complained and had them pull out stuff to repack it but they got angry and kept pointing to their watches that they had to go.

Unfortunately, we were in a bind to move and had no other option but to do our best with these people. We filed pictures and a report to VISA to stop payment or to get refunded a portion.

When we spoke to the owner in Lincoln NE, he swore and cussed at us telling us we were stupid and that he didn’t want to spend anymore time packing our stuff. It was so surreal dealing with this idiot we just couldn’t believe it.

When our stuff arrived, we had damage on a lot of things. Mirrors, a washing machine door, fridge, and furniture. We had about $2000 in damage. Do you know how much they gave us in insurance? $145 to repair things.

Then the ugly fine print was disclosed in their “letter” to us. Please stay away from this company. We paid the price. We were in a bind and we got screwed by them. There are better more reputable companies out there.

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